• She Reached Ecstasy thru Her Back Door!

    holy shit!!!! after 8 years of marriage...to an absolute 10 ... when i say 10 i mean my wife is absolutely flawless. and im about to share our latest sexual encounter with you. i was eating her perfect pussy,  well i finally dared going deeper, i found myself running my tongue in circles around her super tight asshole...it was so tight i couldn't even get the tip of my tongue inside her. after working her asshole for a while she was dripping wet, shes never been a fan , and never enjoyed anal , but ive wanted her ass for years. i licked , caressed and fucked her ass with my tongue...bringing her close over and over . finally we positioned a pillow under her ass , my cock was so hard , i pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and pushed , it was like putting my dick in a vice, when the head of my cock made it inside her i almost came, slowly we started moving as one ,small gentle thrusts , i guided her hand to her pussy so she could work her clit, she was so hot ,so tight ,so fucking sexy, i couldnt help myself , i started pumping her asshole, looking down at her as she was biting her bottom lip, her perfect breasts moving with each thrust...i fucked her ass hard this night, for over an hour...when she came i could feel her ass  squeeze my cock with each spasm...dicks hard thinking about it...ill never forget the first time my wife came with my cock in her ass....looking forward to it happening again ,  were kind of reserved and private when it comes to our sex life , but we agreed to share a little on here with you...im sure when she writes about us it will be much better...and oh yes...i came  hard and deep in her ass .                                                                        

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